Sumo Toaster
Monday 11 June 2007, 14:21 pm
Filed under: The Department of Sadness and Despair

toaster-distress.jpgToaster took two moneygami snakes to the OTB Saturday to place a bet on the Belmont. But the mean OTB Guy refused to accept them, saying that he would only take regular, flattened out bills. So Toaster missed out on a chance to win big on Rags to Riches.

Toaster wants to bet on the Yankees now, but I think there’s a big conflict of interest problem as Bwana has a lot of inside information on the Yanks.

Bwana’s right: Toaster needs a hobby to take his attention away from gambling. Maybe we send him to Sumo Camp this summer.


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I just can’t picture Toaster as a ‘Sumo Wrestler’.

With his knack for tossing ‘Flaming Tater Tots’, I see him being a GREAT ‘Shot Putter’.

And the Beijing Olympics are just around the corner so he could represent the USA in that event.

Comment by Sheila

Bwana may be #1, but all hail Herman Aesop!

Comment by Blue Velvet

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