Wednesday 13 June 2007, 15:35 pm
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Sheila writes in Sumo Toaster:

I just can’t picture Toaster as a ‘Sumo Wrestler’.

With his knack for tossing ‘Flaming Tater Tots’, I see him being a GREAT ‘Shot Putter’.

And the Beijing Olympics are just around the corner so he could represent the USA in that event.

Bwana mentioned there’s probably a weight minimum for Sumo Camp. Toaster said he’d put lead weights in his pockets. I’m not sure that will work.

The Olympics would be very exciting. Toaster thinks the rings are very pretty:

[splashcast TJPD7743GX]

If he doesn’t make the U.S. team maybe he can represent the Republic of Bwana.


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I’m sure Toaster could make the US Olympic Team, especially since he’s got Hodie Bear there to help with his training.

Comment by Sheila

Last night (6/13/07) Alton Brown celebrated toast on the Food Network’s “Good Eats”:,,FOOD_9956_31858,00.html

What I found interesting is that he stated that the most important part of the toaster is the crumb drawer.

He also wore piggy slippers while demonstrating recipes.

Comment by Blue Velvet

the music gives me goosebumps and makes me want to get up and march. go Toaster!

Comment by rrgirl

did bwana and bwanette take toaster to the zoo yesterday?

Comment by rc

rc: I think Toaster may have accompanied the Bwanas:

Check out the April 11, 2007 entry….

Comment by Blue Velvet

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