Take Your Dog (or Toaster) to Work Day
Friday 22 June 2007, 12:17 pm
Filed under: Things That Toaster Likes, Things To Do with Your Toaster

Toaster is very happy to get to go to work with Bwana today on Take Your Dog to Work Day. Toaster’s not a dog, but he has a lot of puppy-like qualities.

Toaster thought long and hard over how he wanted to help Bwana at the office. He usually likes to be a paperweight, but he wants to do something different today. A stapler is a useful office implement, but the violence with which it accomplishes its task was too scarey for Toaster to bear.

Bwanette thought that Toaster would make a very cute desk lamp:


He liked that idea a lot, but instead of holding a lightbulb he wanted to hold the Olympic flame and be like Candelabra:

toaster-olympic-torch.jpgBwana didn’t think that was a good idea from a fire safety point-of-view. It wouldn’t be good if Toaster accidentally fell down, torched Bwana’s office, Rockefeller Center, and New York City — like Mrs. O’Leary’s cow did to Chicago.

Toaster finally decided on being a paperclip holder. Paperclips are an essential office supply and Toaster will do a good job taking care of the Clippies when they’re not holding together Bwana’s important papers.


Toaster will take a squeaky toy when he goes to work with Bwana. This way he can make friends with the canines who will be at the office today.


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Useful if Bwana proves irritable towards Toaster. Or may be used for Bwana behavioral conditioning.

Comment by Blue Velvet

Toaster would make a good lamp:

Comment by Blue Velvet

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