Pick Him Up and Shake Him
Sunday 24 June 2007, 21:12 pm
Filed under: Our Happie Home Velvet writes:

Toaster safety.

Useful if Bwana proves irritable towards Toaster. Or may be used for Bwana behavioral conditioning.

Good heavens!

Bwana would never ever poke Toaster with anything and Toaster would never ever shock Bwana!

If anything gets stuck in Toaster all you need to do is ask nicely and he will work his little Toaster Magic and release it. English muffins are pretty fat, though, so if one of those gets stuck Bwana has Toaster make like an Etch-A-Sketch, turning him upside-down and shaking him. Toaster thinks it’s quite fun, but if he gets shaken too hard he needs a couple of days to recover.

This is very entertaining: Online Etch-A-Sketch. Except that I’m getting Carpal Mattress Syndrome from using it so much.


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My sincerest apologies for having offended Toaster. I humbly beg forgiveness.

Enjoy this Simpsons Halloween gem:

Also see “Time and Punishment” under:

Though this is my favorite variation on H.G. Wells “The Time Machine”:

Comment by Blue Velvet

may I recommend a recent discovery to Toaster? it took half a century for me to try a crumpet – maybe it took that long for Trader Joe’s to arrive with cinnamon crumpets, and my goal is to leave the store with something new, every visit. anyway, the toasted crumpet is almost entirely crumbless, and oooh so wonderful with a little whipped honey butter.
fingers may be a little sticky for the Etch-a-Sketch though. I like crumpets early in the day, followed by a shower.

Comment by rrgirl

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