Goodbye and Good Luck, Uncle DP
Monday 9 July 2007, 19:26 pm
Filed under: The Department of Sadness and Despair

toaster-distress.jpgToaster was inconsolable when we heard the news today that Uncle DP would be leaving ESPN. He cried and cried and left little piles of wet toast crumbs all over the house. We were all worried that he would develop rust.

Luckily, Bwana explained to Toaster that Uncle Dan would eventually be back on the radio someday. Maybe even on tv. That made Toaster feel better.

The concept of Uncle DP leaving ESPN was confusing for Toaster. He thought it was the same thing like when Mr. Hooper left Sesame Street:

Sheesh! Small appliances get so emotional ….


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I hope this cheers you up, Toaster.

Comment by Blue Velvet

poor toaster!! i felt like crying, too. glad he is feeling better now.

Comment by rc

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