Your Mattress is Your Friend
Friday 13 July 2007, 20:32 pm
Filed under: Our Happie Home

Quanlin contributes to the advancement of the mattress-human relationship in Titanium Toaster:

Did Mattress see this?
An Emotional Connection Between Sleeper and Mattress

No, I hadn’t seen it. Many thanks for passing along the information!

It’s very common for mattresses to develop an emotional attachment to their humans. Hotel/motel mattresses tend to have more of a one-night-stand mindset; it comes with the territory. But the rest of us have a sense of loyalty to our people.

toaster-bwana.jpgSmall appliances, in general, remain quite detached and even aloof from their humans. But Toaster, as you have likely learned, is not your typical small appliance. He has a very deep emotional attachment to Bwana. It’s been like this pretty much ever since Bwana brought him home from the store and took him out of the box. When Bwana goes out of town we have to play old Countdown and SportsCenter video clips, otherwise Toaster gets terribly depressed. He’s never truly grasped the concept of object permanence.


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