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Monday 16 July 2007, 23:50 pm
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Sheila wrote in Cheerie-o Crumpets:

I was very impressed with Bwana’s thoughts on how the ‘Harry Potter’ saga will end.

He must have read the Books thoroughly to know so much about ‘Harry Potter’.

Has he been reading the Books to Toaster?

Bwana reads a lot of stuff and he does his best to give Toaster a diverse literary experience. But the first Harry Potter book scared Toaster crumb-less. He enjoyed parts of it, but other parts were way too scarey for him.

Toaster much prefers it for Bwana to read him The Piggie Book. It goes with Toaster’s favorite movie.


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Toaster fun:

Maybe a new pal of Toaster’s:,milton-toaster-refrigerator,529737.html

Toaster and technology:

PS: I have The Piggie Book – one of my favorite reads.

Comment by Blue Velvet

A great moment in the history of the toaster in film.

Comment by Blue Velvet

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