Fruit Deficiency?
Sunday 5 August 2007, 18:38 pm
Filed under: Let's Go Mets!

The Home Run Apple might not go to Citi Field when the Mets move to their new home in 2009. Some people are trying to Save the Apple.

Toaster thinks The Apple should go where the Mets go. The Mets without the Home Run Apple would be like the Mets without Mr. Met.

But in the event The Apple is retired, then maybe the Mets will send him on a well-deserved vacation.

He could go to Hawaii and meet a nice pineapple …

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Or meet a Pineapple Princess (Sound Sample 5 under Track Listing):

Comment by Blue Velvet

Hi! Is this your picture? I’d like to use it in a book. Or, if it’s not yours, do you know where I could get it?


Comment by Melissa

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