Small Appliance Debate
Monday 13 August 2007, 22:28 pm
Filed under: Google, The American Political Tradition

toaster-debate.jpgWith so many debates amongst the various presidential candidates going on, Toaster thinks it’s time for the candidates’ small appliances to have a chance. Bwana has given Toaster some lessons on how to manage a debate, and Toaster is ready to moderate.

There’s been a lot of interest. Barack Obama’s microwave is clean and articulate. Mike Huckabee’s coffee maker said his boss knows Elvis, and that is a big plus. (Toaster loves The King.) The only problem has been with Mitt Romney’s waffle iron, who would dearly love to be included in the debate. But the Romney campaign is adamant that Romney’s Waring blender participate and they will walk out if the waffle iron is allowed on stage.

Boy, politics sure are contentious!


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Here’s a Brit debating his toaster:

Comment by Blue Velvet

we take politics as seriously as any candidate, so we don’t vote until we’ve heard from the crock pots. McCain, Paul, Gravel, and Kucinich have some very wise and witty crocks. we love the stews and soups they concoct – no red meat, thank you; vegetarian, organic and ethnic cuisine is always welcome.

Comment by rrgirl

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