Comfort Zone
Tuesday 28 August 2007, 22:35 pm
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bathroom-scale.jpgJanice Young writes in Comfort Food:

The title of this discussion is: Toasted Bread – Less Calories? Information and sometimes amusing

Toaster says that there should be no caloric quota on comfort. He doesn’t understand why humans are obsessed with weight, calories, and diets. His own personal philosophy is “Don’t worry, be toastie.”

He was very upset during the Atkins Diet craze. It led to the homelessness of untold numbers of toasters who were turned out as their humans decided to go no-carbo.

It’s not carbohydrates! It’s not toast!

You people just eat too darn much of everything. And — not to be pushy or anything — but you could really stand to get out more and not sit in front of your tv’s and computers so much. Do what Bwana does: pick up your toaster and take it out for a walk. Toasters love fresh air and sunshine.


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I don’t know if the leash is for the toaster, but it would make walking Toaster much easier perhaps for Bwana.

Comment by Blue Velvet

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