Perambulatory Toaster and Trained Meow-Meows
Wednesday 29 August 2007, 22:06 pm
Filed under: Our Happie Home

Blue Velvet writes in Comfort Zone:

Designer Leash, Mouse, and Toaster

I don’t know if the leash is for the toaster, but it would make walking Toaster much easier perhaps for Bwana.

Boy, that’s a colorful toaster. Very artsy.

The leash is pretty, too, but our Toaster doesn’t need a leash. He’s quite good at walking to heel. The only thing is that his little legs get tired quickly, so more often than not Bwana winds up carrying him all the way back home.

Toaster’s well-trained, but he’s not as good as the cats in the Moscow Cats Theatre. Those guys are really quite amazing. I thought cats were only good at vomiting up hairballs. My bad.

They are more acrobatic than the Tofu Guys, but no way they could do Script Ohio.

I wonder if Uncle Dan’s dog, Lou, could fit into the cat act. Lou is very talented. Of course, if he joined the Cats Theatre then he’d have to travel and be away from home a lot. Lou might not want to be separated from Uncle Dan. Toaster hates being away from Bwana.


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Have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend, Mattress, Toaster, Tofu Guys, and Candlestick!

No celebration of Blog Day, like last year on this day?

Comment by Blue Velvet

maybe lou can join the tofu guys for their vegas act?

Comment by rc

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