Terror from the Skies
Monday 10 September 2007, 13:06 pm
Filed under: Things That Scare Toaster

Blue Velvet wrote in Let’s Go Pedro!:

A song which might be close to Toaster’s heart, given his reliance on electricity:

That’s a nice song, but in being an environmentally-aware small appliance Toaster is trying to lessen his use of electricity.

Toaster doesn’t want Bwana’s carbon footprint to be too big (Bwana’s feet are big enough as it is ….) so he’s been trying to become a solar toaster. Toaster loves sitting out on the terrace catching rays, but it really hasn’t helped him to toast bread at all. Plus when he’s sitting out there the pigeons poop on him.

Toaster doesn’t like pigeons. Pigeons scare Toaster:


And we have to keep him away from Hitchcock movies, too.


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I became afraid of birds because my great aunt had a “watch-goose.” In the middle of Pittburgh. It used to chase the mailman and us kids.

Comment by Blue Velvet

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