T is for Toaster
Tuesday 11 September 2007, 23:29 pm
Filed under: Things That Toaster Likes

Blue Velvet writes in Terror from the Skies:

Guard Geese Redux

I became afraid of birds because my great aunt had a “watch-goose.” In the middle of Pittburgh. It used to chase the mailman and us kids.

That must have been frightening! Maybe she should have let it play linebacker for the Steelers.

From the linked article:

Brisbane-based produce agents say breeders are busy incubating hundreds of eggs of the slow-breeding birds to meet demand.

A rush on the low-maintenance family pets has led to shortages and recent hikes in the cost of the birds, which are fetching between $20 and $100 at pet shops and produce agencies.

Perhaps we can interest Bwana in investing in a goose farm. It might be more profitable than baseball cards.

In general, Toaster likes birds. It’s just those pigeons that scare the dickens out of him.

This is Toaster’s favorite bird:



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Movie parody (warning: un-Children’s Television Workshop dialogue):

Comment by Blue Velvet

That video is T-rated, not appropriate for toasters and other small appliances.

Comment by Judie

Judie: is T-rated similar to…?

(but substitute “toasters” for “children”)

Comment by Blue Velvet

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