Hoodie Crisis
Monday 24 September 2007, 18:02 pm
Filed under: The Department of Sadness and Despair

Sheila wrote in The Surgical Toaster:

I would warn Hodie Bear not to take Toaster up on his offer to play ‘Doctor’ if I were you.

Hoodie’s been devastated by the Coach Bill cheating scandal. He can’t believe his favorite coach and his favorite team would stoop to such evilness! Toaster doesn’t understand such bad behavior, either.

Hoodie’s not sure what to do. He can’t cheer for the Patriots anymore. Toaster suggested that he pick another team. The Bears would be a logical choice ….


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It’s not “The Bears,” it’s “Da Bears”:


Comment by Blue Velvet

A great team for Toaster and Hoodie:

J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets!

Comment by Judie

Toaster and Hoodie need to become fans of the Cleveland Browns, you’ve got to LOVE the ‘Dog Pound’.

Comment by Sheila

How about my hometown of Pittsburgh with its Steelers Polka?

[Steelers Polka (Old)]

Comment by Blue Velvet

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