There is Crying in Baseball: The Toaster Edition
Monday 1 October 2007, 12:20 pm
Filed under: The Department of Sadness and Despair

toaster-distress-mets.jpgToaster is devastated that the Mets didn’t make the playoffs.

He was so sure they would make it!

The Home Run Apple got a new coat of paint this season and he took that as a good omen. And Pedro came back! Toaster loves Pedro ….

Toaster is depressed. No champagne for Toaster. Bwana said he could have some New York Yankees wild card champagne, but Toaster said it wouldn’t taste good.

Toaster’s happie for Bwana and Grammie because their team is in the post-season. But now he doesn’t have a team to root for. He and Hoodie are fans without a team. This is worse than being a Man Without a Country.


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A film Toaster can empathize with:

It’s about fans of:

Comment by Blue Velvet

Poor Toaster, Bwana better get use to eating soggy toast for a little while.

Comment by Sheila

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