Let’s Go _____________! (Fill in the blank)
Wednesday 3 October 2007, 16:56 pm
Filed under: Our Happie Home

Grammie came over to talk to Toaster about winning and losing and playing the game the right way. Toaster feels better now, although he wasn’t too crazy when Grammie lectured about the Mets’ failure to execute good, fundamentall baseball.

(Grammie’s a real stickler for good, fundamental baseball.)

Toaster has decided that even though the Mets aren’t in the postseason he will watch the playoffs. But he’s not sure which team to root for.

toaster-cleveland-indians.jpgHe likes the Cleveland Indians, but is afraid that their culturally-insensitive logo is insulting to Native Americans and he doesn’t want to do anything to hurt anyone’s feelings.

toaster-phiten.jpgHe also likes the California Angels. He wouldn’t even need to get an Angels hat; he could just wear his titanium halos!

Of course Bwana and Grammie want Toaster to cheer for the Yankees. But his heart belongs to only one New York team. Even though they failed to reach their goal they are still his team.

He is not a fair-weather toaster.


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I love the name of this toaster:

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