Yankee Fallout
Tuesday 9 October 2007, 14:17 pm
Filed under: Things That Toaster Thinks About

Toaster thinks that Bwana would make a good manager for the New York Yankees.toaster-new-york-yankees-cap.jpg

Mr. Torre is a great manager, but it sounds like Mr. Steinbrenner is going to send him packing. In case there is a vacancy at the Yank helm Toaster wants to nominate Bwana.

  • Bwana knows a lot about baseball.
  • Bwana has a lot of baseball cards.
  • Bwana looks good in pinstripes.

Need we say more?

Toaster will even wear his Yankees hat in honor of Manager Bwana (even though Toaster likes the Mets better than the Yanks).


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All hail Bwana!

I think Bwana went to the Columbus Day game less for baseball – I strongly feel he went to provide support and comfort to Joe Torre.

Bwana good.

Comment by Blue Velvet

Perhaps Toaster’s exhuberence is caused by diving into this blog:

Sweets for the sweet.

Comment by Blue Velvet

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