Toaster Still Believes ….
Sunday 21 October 2007, 15:08 pm
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Sheila wrote in The Tofu-Proof Mr. Beckett:

That would be so cool if Toaster and the ‘Tofu Guys’ could learn ‘Cleveland Rocks’ for tomorrow nights game. I’m sure that will give the ‘Tofu Magic’ a giant boost.

Uh-oh. Maybe they should have sung it in three-part harmony.


How did the series get tied 3-3?

What happened to Tofu Magic?

This calls for drastic measures.

The Tofu Guys jumped into the dishwasher for a purification ritual. The soap got in their eyes, but they are all spiffy and shiny now. Toaster stood on his head and shook all the crumbs out of his slots. Candelabra lit himself up and said a prayer.

Boy, we sure hope all this works.

Go Tribe!


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Thank the guys for trying but it looks like ‘Red Sox Magic’ is stronger then ‘Tofu Magic’. In the words of every optimistic fan out there…”There’s always next year.”

Comment by Sheila

if my saying so means anything, thanks to the tofu guys for the effort. and thanks in a big way for letting me in on the purifying power of the dishwasher. with much consternation, I admit I’ve taken it for granted. from now on, when I open the dishwasher door, I’ll try to remember to take a deep breath of the cleansing aromas, and I’ll make sure that the dishes, tongs and cutting mats are prepared for and worthy of the purification experience. I’ve always believed in forgiving some minor spots, and the spoons can take an extra cycle when they need one. I try to assist the casseroles – its not their fault that I love cheese, and they bring me endless joy. I’ll be more sensitive to the stemware and bowls on the top shelf, too. it’s hard to be spotless when the lasagna pan takes up so much space.

Comment by rrgirl

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