Voodoo Manny
Tuesday 23 October 2007, 12:56 pm
Filed under: The Department of Sadness and Despair

Sheila wrote in Toaster Still Believes ….:

Thank the guys for trying but it looks like ‘Red Sox Magic’ is stronger then ‘Tofu Magic’. In the words of every optimistic fan out there…”There’s always next year.”

Toaster is very disappointed. He wanted the Mets to get to the World Series this year and they didn’t. Then he wanted the Indians to get there, but they didn’t make it, either. Toaster thinks he is a jinx.

“Next year” sounds awfully far off, but Bwana said spring training will start in mid-February. That doesn’t seem like too long a wait.

Bwana told Toaster to not feel bad. He said that Tofu Magic is strong, but it could not trump Manny and his Mojo Dance.

Maybe we need a Tofu Dance ….


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Maybe they can work on some Tofu Voodoo for the Mets next year.

Comment by judie4mets

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