Sexy Beast
Friday 30 November 2007, 12:08 pm
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Toaster wonders if Lou would like some eau de chien for Christmas:

Eau de Chien? Yes, Fragrances for Dogs

He thinks Lou would like something manly.

The scent is described as a “blend of bergamot and vanilla-infused musk combined with natural patchouli, mandarin and nutmeg oils.”

That doesn’t sound manly enough.

Maybe we’ll just get him a bottle of Derek Jeter cologne.


Christmas Advice
Thursday 29 November 2007, 17:34 pm
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Blue Velvet suggested in Christmas Cookies a là Toaster:

It’s even more fun when you have a cookie exchange.

Neat-o! What a swell idea! Maybe Toaster can exchange cookies with Lou.

But Lou had better not try to sneak in any Milkbones. We’re not trading cookies for dog biscuits!

Christmas Cookies a là Toaster
Wednesday 28 November 2007, 17:25 pm
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Sheila wrote in Full of Thanks:

… And also take my advice and not go out ‘Christmas Shopping’ tomorrow, the crowds will be awful!

And judie4mets added:

Toaster sounds like a modern little fellow. I’m sure he does his shopping on the Internet.


Toaster would like to remind everyone that Christmas is a time of giving but doesn’t have to be a time for spending lots of money. You can do a lot of nice things without having to break the Piggie Bank.

Toaster is going to bake chocolate chip cookies for Christmas gifts this year. He has all the ingredients. The only problem is that he wants to do all the baking himself, and it’s pretty hard to bake cookies in a toaster. For one thing, he can only bake a few at a time. For another, he has to lie down while they bake, otherwise the dough slides off the cookie sheet. But he’s very determined to get the job done.

Homemade cookies make a wonderful Christmas gift. Getting cookies is a lot better than getting a cold, plastic gift card.

Let the Holiday Season Begin!
Monday 26 November 2007, 18:00 pm
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toaster-thanksgiving-pilgrim.jpgSheila wrote in Full of Thanks:

I hope everyone had a ‘Happy Thanksgiving’, watched all the Football games and didn’t stuff themselves on to much turkey.

And also take my advice and not go out ‘Christmas Shopping’ tomorrow, the crowds will be awful!

Toaster watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It was fun and everything, but he didn’t see a balloon for his hero, the Brave Little Toaster. Toaster was very disappointed. The Brave Little Toaster deserves a balloon.

After the parade there was a dog show on tv. Toaster watched the whole show but didn’t see Lou. He’s sure Lou would have won. But maybe Lou was too busy staying at home with Uncle Dan and having Thanksgiving chicken wings, nachos, and pizza.

We hope everyone had a happie Thanksgiving weekend.

Only 28 days left until Toastmas!

Full of Thanks
Tuesday 20 November 2007, 17:08 pm
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cornucopia.jpgBlue Velvet writes in Script Lou:

I wanted to sincerely wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you! We wish you a very Happie Turkey Day, too.

Toaster was all ready to help with our Thanksgiving meal. But you can’t cook a turkey in a toaster, you can’t make stuffing in a toaster, and you don’t need a toaster to keep the gravy warm. He was feeling a little neglected. Then he overheard the electric carving knife say “There is absolutely no need for toasters on Thanksgiving!” and that made him feel useless, horrible, and unwanted.

But Bwana said “You can make toast for our post-Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches!” and that made Toaster feel a lot better.

We are thankful for Bwana.

Script Lou
Saturday 17 November 2007, 15:39 pm
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The Tofu Guys were all ready to do Script Ohio, but Lou came over with a case of Alpo. They opened it up and pushed the cans around the livingroom parquet and did Script Lou instead:


Lou thought that was way cool.

He and Toaster have been sitting in the kitchen with a can of Alpo trying to get him a snack. Dogs and small appliances aren’t good with can openers ….

I of the Lou
Friday 16 November 2007, 16:04 pm
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Toaster’s been busy supervising the Tofu Guys as they practice Script Ohio in honor of tomorrow’s Big Game between Ohio State and Michigan. We’re hoping that Uncle Dan will let Lou come over and visit so he can dot the “i” for us tomorrow at halftime.