Happy Toaster
Thursday 1 November 2007, 21:45 pm
Filed under: Things That Make Toaster Laugh

Blue Velvet commented in Jack-O-Toaster:

With whipped cream on his shirt, is he now a “Bwana split”?

Ho, ho! You made a good funny! Toaster laughed so hard he spilled toast crumbs all over the floor!

Thank you for giving us our Daily Jolly!

PS: We like these Splits, too:


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I love those Splits, too – and I used to eat

Kaboom Cereal Box


Super Door Signs

while watching.

Comment by Blue Velvet

I must have seen the show, but all I remember is the song. it’s one of those spontaneous earworms that bubble to the surface when I’m feeling carefree. the lyrics have been a little vague – now I’ll be able to sing along with the tune in my head. thanks.

Comment by rrgirl

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