Got Toast?
Monday 5 November 2007, 18:34 pm
Filed under: Let's Go Mets!

Blue Velvet sends in a recipe:

Tofu mojo actually exists:

Tofu Mojo

Wow, that’s a pretty fancy dish with a lot of ingredients.

Toaster Mojo is just a couple of slices of toast with some butter (on the near side or the far side — or both, if you are feeling ambidextrous) and maybe a little bit of jam. For the Mets, Toaster recommends a little orange marmalade and a little blueberry jam for the perfect combination of colors and flavors.

The Mets don’t need Alex Rodriguez. They need pitching, and a little bit of Toaster Mojo.



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I’m not sure how Tofu mojo will fit in at Shea along with the hot dogs and cotton candy. Toast is nice, but how many breakfast-hour games do the Mets have on the schedule?

Comment by judie4mets

The zen of music and toasters:

Comment by Janice Young, Saugus CA

Face it, Mattress, the only one eating tofu at Shea would be the fruits & nuts pitching coach

Comment by JM

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