Monday 12 November 2007, 16:30 pm
Filed under: Our Happie Home, Things That Toaster Thinks About

toaster-merci.jpgBlue Velvet wrote a long time ago in But Wait. There’s More!:

P.S This is one of my top 10 Internet sites to visit daily.

My goodness! Where are our manners?

We apologize profusely for not previously acknowledging Blue Velvet’s kind words. Thank you! We are very flattered to know that you like to read about our life in BwanaLand.

Toaster in particular is encouraged by your interest. His stated mission in life is to bring joy and happiness to the world, and if he can bring a smile to your face he feels that his raison d’être has been fulfilled. (Well that, plus making Bwana’s breakfast toast.)

It is rare indeed to find a small appliance with a mission statement, much less one so concerned with the welfare of others. We are truly blessed to have Toaster in our household.


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Everyone needs a bouquet every once in a while, even Toasters. Peace.

Comment by Blue Velvet

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