Toaster Prayer
Thursday 31 January 2008, 17:19 pm
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got-johan.jpgToaster sure hopes the Mets can sign Johan Santana.

The team has until tomorrow at 5pm to negotiate a contract extension.

Nothing is certain until the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. Toaster is nervous.

Just for a little good luck he lit Candelabra’s candles and said a prayer.

Let’s go Mets!


The Five-Tool Appliance
Wednesday 30 January 2008, 14:16 pm
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Blue Velvet contributes in BwanaDay: Fire Hazard:

Check out The Breakfast Nexus: Wacky Kitchen Gadgets

Toaster is a wacky kitchen gadget, but he’s trying to diversify and learn new skills. He’s pretty good at being a paperweight, radio, and telephone answering machine. He’d like to be a fondue but he hasn’t figured that out yet. Everytime he tries the chocolate leaks out of him.

Bwana expanded his horizons by going from sportscasting to being a news man. Toaster wants to grow up to be a 5-tool guy just like Bwana.

BwanaDay: Fire Hazard
Monday 28 January 2008, 18:14 pm
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Blue Velvet asks in BwanaDay: ToasterSpeak:

Did the cake look like one of the ones on this site? Fanatic Yankee Fans

Wow! What neat-o bakery creations!

Our cake was not as fancy, but still nice. We prettied it up with a Yankee Cap Candle:–pi-2599674.html

We only got one.

  • They are very expensive, and
  • If we used one for each of Bwana’s years we would have burned the house down.

(Toaster wanted to use Flaming Tater Tots, but those would have been a fire hazard, too.)

BwanaDay: ToasterSpeak
Sunday 27 January 2008, 13:17 pm
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birthday-cake.jpgSheila queried in Musical Mets:

Sunday is Bwana’s Birthday, is Toaster planing anything special for the ‘Big Guys’ 49th?

Well, we all chipped in and got a swell cake for Bwana. And we found this nifty video with “Happy Birthday” in many languages:

But of course the most heartfelt Happy Birthday was given in Toaster’s special language:


Musical Mets
Thursday 24 January 2008, 13:15 pm
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Blue Velvet contributed in Oh they’re hollerin’ and cheerin’ and they’re jumpin’ in their seats …:

From Wikipedia:

“The 1969 Mets recorded an album featuring them singing a variety of songs, including “You Gotta Have Heart” from the musical Damn Yankees. The 1969 Mets also performed “You Gotta Have Heart” on the “Ed Sullivan Show.”

Couldn’t find any YouTube on this, which is a darned shame. But I did find this on eBay: NEW YORKS METS RECORD ALBUM AMAZING METS 1969

A Mets’ LP? Wow! Neat-o! Toaster’s going to get Bwana to bid on it.

The Mets aren’t just a good baseball team, they also sing pretty. Keith and Mookie were on Sesame Street:

Oh they’re hollerin’ and cheerin’ and they’re jumpin’ in their seats …
Wednesday 23 January 2008, 15:58 pm
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Sheila asked in Spring Toaster:

So is Toaster torn on who to root for in the ‘Super Bowl’? Or will he stick with ‘Hoodie Bear’ and root for the Patriots.

Hoodie is very excited about the Super Bowl and is hoping Coach Bill et al. can win. Toaster’s pretty excited, too, but when he gets excited he gets confused. So sometimes when they are singing the Patriots’ fight song Toaster will slip up and start singing Meet the Mets.


Spring Toaster
Tuesday 22 January 2008, 20:06 pm
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toaster-left-nym-cap.jpg On TV Toaster:

Blue Velvet suggests: Maybe Bwana will treat Toaster to this: Legends Field Kids Corner

And judie4mets adds: Our children love Kids Clubhouse! Toaster would be perfect on it. He could be Mr. Met’s little pal, like Pedro had his little pal Nelson.

And wouldn’t Toaster prefer the Mets’ spring training to the Yankees’?

Toaster respects Bwana’s and Grammie’s love for the Yankees, but he’s holding out for a spring training trip to visit the Mets. MetsGrrl gives all sorts of neat-o tips on making a pilgrimage to Port St. Lucie, the Mets’ springtime home. Toaster’s already packing his bags.