Musical Toaster
Wednesday 9 January 2008, 16:23 pm
Filed under: Our Happie Home

Blue Velvet asks in The Toaster Jinx:

With Toaster under the sink, how’s Mattress and Candelabra?

We’re fine. It’s definitely quieter than usual without Toaster running around. I’d go in there to check on him, but a mattress can’t fit under the sink. Candelabra, Mrs. Teapot, and Hoodie have been checking on him.

He’s still under there, but we know he’s starting to feel better. We can hear him humming the Script Ohio song. (He sometimes pretends that he is a radio.) He likes the way The Best Damn Band in the Land does it, but Jeanette MacDonald sings pretty:

(She starts it at around the 4 minute mark in this video.)


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I think Toaster will be fine. as a life long lover of large cardboard containers myself, I understand the healing power of solitude and retreat. sometimes a Toaster just needs a little space to himself.

Comment by rrgirl

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