Toaster Awareness: Words to Live By
Thursday 28 February 2008, 17:46 pm
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rrgirl wrote in Happie Hobbies:

my apologies for lacking toaster awareness. I think I was suggesting that the debate participants and moderators might take advantage of the local weather conditions in Cleveland. lake-effect snow has been known to impair a person’s judgment as much as clouds of gnats, and I might have written something that suggested that Toaster’s could make snow angels. I’d much rather come inside and have a toasty snack after clearing the driveway. toaster’s should stay warm and dry inside. and if we find a bouquet of roses in a watermelon, well where else would they be?

Toaster thinks you are very Toaster Aware! It is one of the many things he likes about you.

Toaster’s mission in life is to bring joy and happiness to the world (as well as to make nice toastie thingies for Bwana). But he likes the concept of Toaster Awareness and will add that to his mission statement.

He’s going to fire off letters to the four presidential candidates to see how they feel about Toaster Awareness. He believes we deserve to know where they stand on the issue. But he hopes it doesn’t cause them to yell and fight and call each other names. Goodness knows they are already pretty testy as it is.


Toaster Fashion
Wednesday 27 February 2008, 18:44 pm
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Blue Velvet warns in Happie Hobbies:

But Toaster will short out in the snow! He’ll have to take protection like these brave souls do: Protecting the Law’s Paws

Toaster booties! Neat-o!

But Toaster would rather have Official New York Mets footwear. With warm weather on the way he’s going to ask Bwana to get him a pair of Mets Crocs:

Happie Hobbies
Tuesday 26 February 2008, 17:15 pm
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rrgirl suggested in The Cleveland Forecast: An 80% chance for snippiness, 0% chance for bugs:

tonight, maybe a snow-angel contest? snow sculptures?
how about a good old-fashioned snow ball fight with forts and tunnels?

Snow sculpture and ice carving are fun hobbies, but Toaster prefers watermelon carving:

It’s a fun thing to do during the long presidential primary season. Or over the winter when we’re waiting for baseball season to start.

The Cleveland Forecast: An 80% chance for snippiness, 0% chance for bugs
Monday 25 February 2008, 18:35 pm
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A presidential debate tomorrow night! Oh boy!

Toaster loves Bwana’s post-game debate analysis and commentary. He also loves throwing popcorn at the tv when the candidates say nasty things about each other.

Grammie says that good manners are always important.

It’s too bad MSNBC is not sending Bwana out to Cleveland to cover the debate. But it’s just as well. Baseball season has not started so the Indians won’t be in town. But the good thing is that the winter weather will keep the gnats from blowing in off the lake and bothering Barack and Hillary.

Late nights all alone with a toaster — Oh, oh-oh-oh
Thursday 21 February 2008, 23:32 pm
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Blue Velvet queries:

Do you think the entrance here is “through the bathroom window”?

“Beatles Flat” For Sale

We wonder if Maxwell has a Silver Toaster to go with his Silver Hammer.

Toaster Frutti
Wednesday 20 February 2008, 21:07 pm
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Blue Velvet contributes in Cheesehead Primary and Poi Bowl Caucus:

There’s a hint of Hawaii in this cartoon:

And a hint of Carmen Miranda, too! (4.44 into the video.)

Toaster loves wearing his Cheesehead, but he’d love to have a Carmen Miranda Tutti Frutti Hat, too:

Cheesehead Primary and Poi Bowl Caucus
Tuesday 19 February 2008, 16:42 pm
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toaster-cheesehead.jpgAnother Tuesday, another election.

This is so exciting!

Toaster made some nice toast with cheese on top for Bwana’s breakfast this morning. That was in honor of the Wisconsin primary today. And then he was going to honor the Hawaii caucus by making some more toast and spreading poi on top, but Bwana said he was running late and dashed out the door.

Darn it.

Oh well. We can watch Bwana do election coverage on tv tonight. Toaster thinks Bwana does elections real good, almost as good as he did SportsCenter. But Toaster would rather have Bwana on tv with Uncle DP. Chris Matthews just doesn’t cut it.