Best Toaster in Show
Monday 11 February 2008, 11:38 am
Filed under: The Department of Laurels

Since Bwana’s a Dog maybe he can get Toaster into the Westminster Dog Show.

Toaster is but a small appliance, but he has a lot of puppy-like qualities. He knows how to heel, sit, and roll over. He even has his own Busy Bee toy.

We’re not sure what category he belongs in, though. He’s small, so they could put him in the Toy category. He works hard at producing breakfast for Bwana, so he could also be in the Working category. And since he is good at toddling around the house looking for things he could also fit in the Sporting category with the hunting dogs.

He is multi-talented!


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Great “Best In Show” clip.

For only the best-dressed pooches:

Comment by Blue Velvet

Toaster is ‘Best In Show’ 24/7.

Comment by Sheila

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