Toaster endorses Mop Dogs
Tuesday 12 February 2008, 13:30 pm
Filed under: Things That Toaster Likes

mop.jpgOn Best Toaster in Show:

Blue Velvet writes: Great “Best In Show” clip.

For only the best-dressed pooches: Retro Kenmore Toaster Dog T-Shirt

Haute couture toaster fashion is performance-enhancing! Any dog with a toaster shirt is a champion in our book. We need to send one to Lou.

Sheila flatters with: Toaster is ‘Best In Show’ 24/7.

Oh my. What a sweet thing to say!

Toaster toddled off to Madison Square Garden this morning to visit the doggies. He’s rooting for the Komondor to win. He thinks they look a lot like mops. Small appliances and useful household implements need to stick together.


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Speaking of best-dressed, does Bwana have these for those hot summer days at Yankee Stadium?

Comment by Blue Velvet

These dogs would be so hard to look for
in their coats!!!

Comment by Anonymous

That don’t make sense girl!!!!! Hey!!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

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