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Tuesday 26 February 2008, 17:15 pm
Filed under: Things To Do with Your Toaster

rrgirl suggested in The Cleveland Forecast: An 80% chance for snippiness, 0% chance for bugs:

tonight, maybe a snow-angel contest? snow sculptures?
how about a good old-fashioned snow ball fight with forts and tunnels?

Snow sculpture and ice carving are fun hobbies, but Toaster prefers watermelon carving:

It’s a fun thing to do during the long presidential primary season. Or over the winter when we’re waiting for baseball season to start.


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But Toaster will short out in the snow! He’ll have to take protection like these brave souls do:,2144,3148391,00.html

Comment by Blue Velvet

snow could cause toaster to rust and we wouldn’t want to have that! better to stay in and carve his melons. he has many kitchen talents!

Comment by rc

my apologies for lacking toaster awareness. I think I was suggesting that the debate participants and moderators might take advantage of the local weather conditions in Cleveland. lake-effect snow has been known to impair a person’s judgment as much as clouds of gnats, and I might have written something that suggested that Toaster’s could make snow angels. I’d much rather come inside and have a toasty snack after clearing the driveway. toaster’s should stay warm and dry inside. and if we find a bouquet of roses in a watermelon, well where else would they be?

Comment by rrgirl

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