Play Ball!
Monday 31 March 2008, 14:34 pm
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Blue Velvet contributes:

Music for Opening Day

Neat-o! Here is Toaster’s favorite baseball song:

He can’t sing it too loud when Bwana is home because Bwana likes the Yankees. But the Yankees don’t even have a nice fight song, and they don’t have a cute mascot like Mr. Met.


He Got Toaster
Thursday 27 March 2008, 17:53 pm
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Blue Velvet contributes in Small Appliances Can’t Jump:

Here’s Toaster’s basketball “duds”: Basketball Toaster

Wow! Neat-o!!!

A basketball toaster could not only help the team at practice but it could also serve nutritious pre-game snacks!

Of course, dunking the basketball toaster would leave a lot of crumbs out on the court.

Would that be considered a flagrant foul?

Small Appliances Can’t Jump
Wednesday 26 March 2008, 17:05 pm
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Sheila wrote in Toaster: The Bracket:

I have UNC winning it all on my bracket but now seeing Toaster up there, I think he can take them down.

Wow! Toaster is flattered!

Still, while he likes basketball he’s not very good at it. Not only is Toaster vertically-challenged but he doesn’t jump very good, either.

He pretty much relies on his quickness, a nice crossover dribble, and his taller opponents tripping over him.

Let’s go, Toaster!


Eggo Internationale
Tuesday 25 March 2008, 11:15 am
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toaster-waffle-canadian.jpgToaster would like to remind everyone that today is International Waffle Day.

Have a waffle and sing a foreign country’s national anthem. Toaster’s favorite foreign country is Canada. He thinks it’s cute for them to have beavers on their money.


Toaster: The Bracket
Monday 24 March 2008, 19:14 pm
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All roads lead to Toaster!


The Easter Toaster
Sunday 23 March 2008, 12:49 pm
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Blue Velvet writes

Happy Easter, Toaster!

Bunny Toaster

And Sheila adds:

Happy Easter!

Toaster wishes everyone a Happie Easter. He hopes everyone will go out and have a nice Easter Toast Hunt. Easter Toast is a lot more nutritious than chocolates and jelly beans. Plus you can butter it on the near side or the far side or both!


Dancing with the Bwana
Thursday 20 March 2008, 14:42 pm
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Bwana can dance better than this:

Toaster loves Ellen. He wants Bwana to be on Ellen’s tv show.