One Mock at a Time …
Tuesday 11 March 2008, 15:05 pm
Filed under: Things To Do with Your Toaster

toaster-toast-the-vote.jpgBlue Velvet wrote in The Multi-functional Toaster:

Maybe this would make Mr. Walsh happy: Microwave oven equipped with toaster and method of controlling the same

Toaster has decided that he can help Bwana save the democracy by further diversifying his talents and learning how to be a voting machine.

He is going to study hard. He could be a punch card type of machine, or maybe one of those fancy touch-screen machines. He’ll do whatever it takes to serve the country. He would never ever leave a chad hanging. And while he’s not sure about leaving a paper trail he can certainly leave a nice little trail of toast crumbs.

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The best think Toaster can do today is to make sure Bwana has a good breakfast, since he is doing one of his ‘Special Comments’ tonight. I think he’ll need all his energy for this one.

Comment by Sheila

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