The Great Toaster of Giza
Friday 25 April 2008, 14:04 pm
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Blue Velvet sends in XOXOXO:

Sending some toast love to Toaster and family:

A Brief History of Toast

Also, I love Cream of Wheat, CoCo Wheat, and Maypo. Don’t forget to love cornmeal mush, too.

Neat-o! Toaster wasn’t aware he had Egyptian roots:

The ancient Egyptians, around 6000 years ago, were the first to develop the bread that we know today. They realised that if they let the bread sit out in Egypt’s warm climate it would rise, and when baked would retain its risen shape. However, they also noticed that after a few days in the dry desert air, the bread would become hard and unpleasant to eat.

Toasting bread in ancient times was a means of preserving it. The Romans spread the idea of toast throughout Europe, even into Britain, and the colonists brought toast to the Americas. The word ‘toast,’ in fact, comes from the Latin word tostum, meaning scorch or burn. Toast is essentially burnt bread, so the name makes sense.

Just think: Sitting out there in the desert, catching rays, making toast.

How swell!


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and what a view.

Comment by rrgirl

I hope Toaster gets a chance to see the Tut-ankh-amen exhibit currently on tour. I saw it at LACMA and it was wonderful.

But we didn’t have this out in SoCal:

Comment by Blue Velvet

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