Fun Kitchen Activities: non-toast related

Boy, Toaster can’t wait for the presidential election season to be over so that Bwana will have time to take him to the Jell-O Gallery upstate.

Toaster likes Jell-O. True, you can’t toast Jell-O, but it’s a fun thing to have in the kitchen.

“It is bright, brash, sweet, unsophisticated, lighthearted — even lightweight,” Ms. Wyman, a food critic, wrote in the 2001 book. Jell-O, she added, “is the food that most resembles a toy.”

Not only is Jell-O fun, but it’s pretty, too.

Maybe if Barack Obama wins the presidency Bwana can interview him at the Jell-O Gallery. Obama grew up with Jell-O molds and Toaster thinks he would feel right at home in a Jell-o museum.


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Jell-O haiku:

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