Kitchen Implements and the Smoke-Filled Room
Wednesday 7 May 2008, 12:49 pm
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We just knew kitchen implements would play a key part in this election!

Barack Obama’s Jell-O Mold Strategy paid off, helping him to win in North Carolina; he lost Indiana by just the teensy-tiniest of margins. Toaster thinks Hillary would have done better if she had maybe stayed home one afternoon to make a nice Jell-O salad for Bill and Chelsea. It’s not too late. It’s really easy to boil water and make a quick Jell-O dish and win over millions of voters.

Then again, you could get fancy and make something complicated like Berry Bliss Cake:

True, you don’t need to use a mold to make it, but it still is Jell-O. Plus if you throw some blueberries in there it makes for a very patriotic dessert.

Toaster finds it rather daunting that he and his little kitchen helper pals can influence the election of the president. Still, it’s a role they are ready to embrace.


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Never doubt the power of Jello, it’s like the ‘Force’.(LOL)

Comment by Sheila

Cool Whip and pudding mix in the recipe – could have been from my own mother’s kitchen. her version used angelfood cake and she did add blueberries for July 4th picnics.

Comment by rrgirl

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