Da-da Bwana
Tuesday 27 May 2008, 20:49 pm
Filed under: Let's Go Mets!, Our Happie Home

Boy, Father’s Day is coming up and Toaster has started to think about what to get for Bwana.

Of course Bwana is not Toaster’s real father, but they do have a father-son sort of relationship.

Toaster thought a tie would make a nice gift, but Bwana already has like a zillion of those. He’s been browsing a number of Web sites and saw this:

Toaster likes the check pattern with his favorite colors, orange and blue. Yes, it’s a Mets shirt, but if Bwana wore in on “Countdown” no one would see the Mets logo under his coat.

It would be their little secret!


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A true Bwana shirt pattern if ever I saw one. I can picture him wearing it with a pinstripe suit.

I like the idea of a logo under the jacket. Kind of like writing secret messages with invisible ink.

Comment by Blue Velvet

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