Low Toaster Esteem
Tuesday 3 June 2008, 10:14 am
Filed under: Things That Make Toaster Cry, Things That Toaster Thinks About


“Euro-Pro Toaster Oven.”

Anything “Euro” is suave and smooth and sleek.

Toaster’s not Euro.

Toaster is just a plain, old American toaster.

He’s feeling a little verklempt right now ….

Time for a Bwana pep talk.


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No reason to feel blue, Toaster – sometimes you have to meet and be met halfway:

Comment by Blue Velvet

Toaster has nothing to be upset about. Toaster-ovens never make toast as good as a real toaster, to many ‘Bells And Whistles’ on them. One side of the toast is always underdone and the other side is to done, YUCK! Give me a good old American ‘Two Slice’ toaster every time.

Comment by Anonymous

The last comment was mine. I wanted to cheer up Toaster so badly, I forgot to ‘Log-In’. OOPS!

Comment by Sheila

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