Pomp and Toasterness
Saturday 7 June 2008, 12:15 pm
Filed under: The Department of Laurels, Things That Toaster Likes

rrgirl reports in Take a Hike!:

that’s a great idea, but I’ll save my nature hike for another Saturday. we celebrate college commencement this weekend, and I’ll be hiking on concrete. considering the long strange trip it’s been to get here, every step will be with celebration, relief, and hope.

Wow!!! Neat-o!!!

Congratulations on the sheepskin! Toaster thinks it is OK for you to take a hike on some other day. He says it’s very good to go walking with sheep. They don’t walk real fast, plus they are soft and cuddly so when you need to take a break you can use them as a pillow.

Toaster would very much like to go to college some day, but he has had to work from an early age. He doesn’t mind, though. Serving Bwana has been quite an education.

Toaster loves the Graduation Song:

It’s one of his favorites, right up there with “Meet the Mets.”


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