Karma Bites the Mets
Friday 13 June 2008, 12:50 pm
Filed under: Let's Go Mets!, Things That Make Toaster Cry

toaster-distress-mets.jpgToaster is distraught.

The Mets have lost a whole lot of games and our closer, Billy Wagner, blew his third consecutive save yesterday. Something is wrong with the team. Toaster feels it deep down in his chrome and wires.

Maybe it’s bad karma. Toaster asked Bwana about karma’s bites, but Bwana didn’t want to talk about that. Maybe the Mets are possessed. Maybe they need an exorcist:

Or maybe they just need a nice slice of toast before every game ….


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LOL on the punny title. I’m not surprised at Bwana’s silence.

Maybe Toaster needs remind of how useful he and all other appliances are. I like the “orchestra” reference – it’s very apt:

Comment by Blue Velvet

We’re distraught, too!

Rain-out tonight, so we’ll make some toast and light a candle and hope for the best tomorrow.

Comment by judie4mets

Possessed toast!

Comment by Blue Velvet

How is Toaster taking the TUesday Massacre? Has anyone told him?

Comment by judie4mets

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