Jacket Required
Wednesday 18 June 2008, 16:31 pm
Filed under: The Department of Sadness and Despair

judie4mets queries in Karma Bites the Mets:

How is Toaster taking the TUesday Massacre? Has anyone told him?

Oh my goodness.

Toaster is now past the distraught stage and is fully into Devastated Mode.

What a horrible way to get dumped. It’s almost as bad as putting up a Christmas tree with your girlfriend and then having her tell you she would be going to the company Christmas party with someone else.

Coach Jacket was Toaster’s favorite Met. Toaster loved the funny hair-do and the metaphors — even though he didn’t understand a lot of them. Besides, what’s wrong with ketchup on your ice cream?

As soon as Toaster found out the bad news he went to sit under the kitchen cabinet.

We told Bwana to not to expect to get any toast for breakfast for the next few days.

It sure is hard being a Mets fan.


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Uncle Dan talked about this in the 3rd hour of the 6/19/08 show – tell Toaster to remain in the kitchen cabinet:

What in the world is going on with the Mets?

Comment by Blue Velvet

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