Palaver Deficiency
Monday 30 June 2008, 23:20 pm
Filed under: Things That Toaster Thinks About

Toaster is very upset that Palaver has shut down.

They were patiently waiting for Bwana to rejoin Uncle Dan on the radio show, but Bwana says he is too busy saving the democracy to spend time on sports shows. Toaster thinks Bwana is just being lazy.

Maybe he will have some free time after the election in November. We can only hope.

Toaster thinks Uncle Dan’s show is OK, but it would be better with Bwana.

Toaster also thinks that Uncle Dan should give away more interesting prizes in his Dan Nation. Sure, all-expenses-paid trips to the Super Bowl or the World Series or the British Open are swell. But how about something practical, like a small appliance? A lot of Uncle Dan’s listeners would benefit from the joy of winning a blender or an iron.

Or a toaster.


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Well, Uncle Dan did give away a lava lamp, so he does appear to support and believe in small household items.

Comment by Blue Velvet

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