The Numerical Toaster
Wednesday 9 July 2008, 12:43 pm
Filed under: Let's Go Mets!, Our Happie Home

Toaster has been hogging the computer, voting over and over and over, trying to get Mets third baseman David Wright into the All-Star Game.

Bwana said that in real elections you get to vote only once, but Major League Baseball has a weird system where you can vote as many times as you want. Toaster’s been at the keyboard so much that the keys are starting to get clogged up with crumbs. David’s number is 5 and Toaster thinks 5 is a nice number, so he’s aiming to vote 5 million times.

Uncle DP said on today’s show that he would like the population of Dan Nation to reach 50,000 by the weekend, so Toaster is going to sign up for that. He wonders if the 50,000th member will win a prize.

Blue Velvet mentioned:

Well, Uncle Dan did give away a lava lamp, so he does appear to support and believe in small household items.

A lava lamp would be neat-o, but maybe Toaster can win a year’s supply of gluten-free bread. That would make a nice breakfast for Bwana. Maybe Toaster could figure out a way to toast Uncle DP’s logo onto every piece of toast. That would brighten Bwana’s breakfast every day!!!


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