All-Star Toaster
Tuesday 15 July 2008, 19:37 pm
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Blue Velvet suggests:

In honor of the All-Star game, let’s celebrate the 100th anniversay of “Take Me Out To The Ball Game”:

Happy 100th Anniversary, ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game’

Neat-o! That’s one of Toaster’s favorite songs — next to “Meet the Mets.”

The All-Star Game Home Run Derby was last night and Josh Hamilton hit ’em a mile. He must eat a lot of toast to be able to hit baseballs like that.

Toaster thinks the Homer Derby is swell, but they should have other derbies, too:

  • Hitting Behind the Runner Derby – Because it’s really, really important to move runners over.
  • Spit Derby – Which is kind of gross, but baseball players spit a lot and many are probably very skilled at it. Toaster thinks Gaylord Perry would win it.


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International toast (Toast Box), so the whole world is healthy:

My grandmother used to work in a bakery – not only did she bake bread but really loved her toast.

Comment by Blue Velvet

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