Toaster Tip: Beijing Olympics Edition
Monday 4 August 2008, 13:54 pm
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Small appliances are well-known for being quirky, and toasters are no exception. Toaster is better than most, but even he will make a funny sometimes and not pop the toast up. He especially likes to do this when Bwana is in a real rush to have breakfast. Sticking a fork or a knife into the slot to dislodge the toast can be dangerous (dare we say en fuego fatal) if one does not unplug the toaster. Far safer — and multicultural — to use a wooden chopstick to get the toast out.

Chopsticks are sleek, fun to use, and help one develop fine motor skills. You can get them in all sorts of pretty colors: Everything Chopsticks.

Toaster loves chopsticks!


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You need to get Bwana this:

And Bwana’s NBC/Universal offered this at Comic-Con this year:

I never knew how important toasters were to sci-fi before:

Comment by Blue Velvet

so I’m a total fool for the chopstick rests. the puffer fish is too cute, and the black kitty is lovely. the salmon looks very elegant. my taste in chopsticks may be a little pragmatic – nice smooth bamboo feels good on the lips but isn’t too heavy for my grip. I could take an etiquette lesson from the cup – no one ever told me sashi-bashi was poor form.

Comment by rrgirl

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