Toaster: APB
Thursday 7 August 2008, 11:46 am
Filed under: Let's Go Mets!, Things That Toaster Likes


Toaster is gone.

The Mets are having Sesame Street Day at Shea today. Bwana said he wouldn’t be able to take Toaster to the game, so we think he’s snuck off by himself. It’s not like he doesn’t know the way, but a small appliance on the streets of New York can be a bit dangerous.

Toaster loves Bert and Ernie, not to mention Kermit and Miss Piggy. And he’s always wanted to meet the Swedish Chef so they could compare notes on the proper way to make the perfect piece of toast.

Sesame Street might have to make a Mysterious Theatre episode dedicated to “The Case of the Missing Toaster.”

If anyone in NYC sees a small toaster toddling around Queens, please call Bwana at MSNBC.


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Did Toaster write this?

Comment by Blue Velvet

Don’t know if you’ve ever seen this blog:

Comment by Blue Velvet

Is Toaster still missing? Maybe he found a way to China to participate in the Olympics.

Comment by Sheila

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