Little Toaster in Big China
Monday 18 August 2008, 17:19 pm
Filed under: Where in the World is Toaster?

Sheila writes in Toaster: APB:

Is Toaster still missing? Maybe he found a way to China to participate in the Olympics.

Shhh! Don’t tell Bwana!

We’ve been giving Bwana cold cereal for breakfast for over a week, but he wants toast and is beginning to get suspicious.

We’re not sure where Toaster is, but all indications point to Beijing.

  • After he got back from the Mets game he was humming this song:
  • And while there haven’t been any Toaster sightings over in China, check out the latest Olympics mascots promotional poster:

Toaster is but a small appliance, but he makes a big impression.


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You will know for sure if Toaster is in China if the Tofu Guys are also missing. In fact I thought I saw them at one point,or maybe it was their cousins, in the opening ceremony. Those square blocks moving up and down in the middle of the stadium during part of the show looked very familiar.

Comment by Sheila

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