Monday 25 August 2008, 15:57 pm
Filed under: Where in the World is Toaster?

Keith Olbermann’s “Countdown” was slated to air Saturday night from Denver, but instead, viewers got an extra hour of Chris Matthews. According to an MSNBC spokesperson, Olbermann’s travel schedule changed forcing the network to improvise. But rest assured, he’ll be on tonight and the rest of the week.

    — Where was Olbermann?

There is no truth to the rumor that Bwana had to fly to Beijing to get Toaster out of a re-education camp. Toaster did not lead the Tofu Guys in doing Script “Free Tibet” in the Bird’s Nest — although he does feel that China’s policies towards Tibet are unfair.

Toaster was planning to go to Denver to join Bwana for the convention, but it’s going to be a while before he can return to the states.

Blue Velvet reported in “Having a great time. Wish you were here.”

It would seem Toaster has a lot of family in China:

Made in China

Toaster wants to visit all his relatives before he leaves China. He doesn’t get over there often and it would be bad manners to not stop by and say hi to everyone before he leaves.

Small appliances are very polite and they have a strong sense of family.


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Is this the route Toaster traveled?

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