Let’s Go Twinkies!
Monday 29 September 2008, 18:29 pm
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Sheila wrote in Worry. Be Metsie.:

How’s Toaster doing today? I hope he’s not to upset about the Mets loss.

He’s taking it surprisingly well. I think he’s finally come to understand what it’s like to be a true Mets fan: Joy and hope followed by sadness and despair.

When the Marlins leapt out to the 2-0 lead yesterday Toaster got very worried. He caught a cab to Shea (don’t you think that with all the money Bwana makes that we should have a private helicopter?) and frantically made toast in the bullpen for the pitchers, knowing that the fate of our season rested with the relief corps.

Alas! They gave up the winning runs.

(Toaster thinks Johan Santana should pitch every day.)

But even with getting knocked out of the post-season on the last day of the season for the second year in a row, Toaster is not feeling too devastated. It doesn’t hurt that he got Tom Seaver to autograph a baseball for him. Tom’s terrific! Toaster cried during the Shea Goodbye ceremony.

Now that the Mets aren’t in the playoffs Toaster has decided to cheer for the Twinks. Twinkies are a fine breakfast food, so Toaster has a good feeling about that. Plus Minnesota has a lot of lakes and a nice state bird.

Right now we need the Detroit Tigers to beat the Chicago White Sox so that the Twinks will make the playoffs. Toaster has built a Twinkie Stonehenge in front of the tv set to create some good mojo:


Worry. Be Metsie.
Sunday 28 September 2008, 16:03 pm
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Toaster is pacing around anxiously.

The Mets started the day tied with the Brewers for the NL wildcard. We trailed Florida 2-0 in today’s game, but tied it up. Milwaukee, playing the Cubs, trail 1-0 in the 7th. Sweet Lou has gone through six pitches so far. Toaster thinks it is nice when the manager gives everyone a chance to play!

Let’s Go Mets!

Let’s Go Cubs!

Don’t Worry, Be Metsie
Friday 26 September 2008, 16:07 pm
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Bwana’s been real busy reporting on the news:

  • The presidential campaigns
  • The financial crisis
  • Et cetera
  • Et cetera
  • And so forth
  • Meanwhile, the Yankees have been eliminated from post-season play and the Mets are fighting for their playoff lives.

    Toaster says not to worry. Everyone should be happie, be toastie, and most of all be Metsie.

    Take an Avocado to Lunch!
    Tuesday 16 September 2008, 17:13 pm
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    It’s National Guacamole Day!

    Toaster is sure you could make Avocado Stuffed French Toast with guacamole ….

    A Toaster with Altitude
    Friday 12 September 2008, 15:09 pm
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    Blue Velvet comments in Toaster needs to be in the front row with Bob Uecker:

    Perhaps being a Playstation Toaster helps with being small, with the controllers and all:

    The Playstation Toaster

    Toaster wants Bwana to get him the Shea Stadium foul poles, then he can be nice and tall.

    Just like Bwana!!!

    Toaster needs to be in the front row with Bob Uecker
    Wednesday 10 September 2008, 16:02 pm
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    Blue Velvet wrote:

    Just wondering how Toaster felt about the new Mets stadium. Looks pretty to me:

    Citi Field

    Toaster is going to miss Shea. Sure, it’s old and smells kind of funny, but hey it’s been home.

    The new stadium is going to be all spiffy and shiney. It’s going to have a better access for disabled fans, a picnic area, and a family friendly area. Toaster is hoping they will have a Small Appliance Friendly Area, too. You’d be surprised how many small appliances like the Mets. If Citi Field doesn’t have a special area, then it should at least provide booster seats. Small appliances have a hard time seeing over taller fans. And when you’re a small appliance all the other fans are taller ….

    Bwana sent to the principal’s office
    Monday 8 September 2008, 12:28 pm
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    Gosh oh golly.

    Toaster and the Tofu Guys finally made it home, Bwana and Uncle DP were reunited on FNIA, and now this:

    MSNBC tried a bold experiment this year by putting two politically incendiary hosts, Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews, in the anchor chair to lead the cable news channel’s coverage of the election.

    That experiment appears to be over. …

        — MSNBC Takes Incendiary Hosts From Anchor Seat

    Boy! Some people just can’t take a little hot sauce with their news coverage!

    Toaster is very disappointed.

    Plus the Mets lost two out of three versus the Dreaded Phillies over the weekend.

    Maybe Toaster will feel better after this evening’s tennis match between Roger Federer and Andy Murray ….