Save Our Bwana
Tuesday 2 September 2008, 11:20 am
Filed under: Things That Make Toaster Mad

Well, Toaster would like to have spent a little more time doing a post-Olympics tour of China, but he felt he needed to get back to the states. He’s worried about Bwana being in the Twin Cities during the Republican National Convention. Protests have turned violent:

Broken Windows and Pepper Spray Mark Protests

Toaster’s sworn duty in life (besides to bring joy and happiness into the world) is to protect Bwana. He’s well-prepared, being clad in chrome and all. And he’s ready in case tear gas is used:

But — boy! — if someone throws a bucket of urine on him he is going to get reallllllllllllly mad ….


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The Zen Toaster Master may be needed (I really love this print):

Comment by Blue Velvet

toaster, toaster! bwana went back to ny to cover hurricane gustav! all toaster will find at the rnc is chris matthews. better keep the gas mask on!!!!!!!!!

Comment by rc

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