Has anyone seen our Bwana?
Wednesday 3 September 2008, 17:39 pm
Filed under: Things That Toaster Likes

rc breaks the news in Save Our Bwana:

toaster, toaster! bwana went back to ny to cover hurricane gustav! all toaster will find at the rnc is chris matthews. better keep the gas mask on!!!!!!!!!

Well, gee whizzers. No wonder Mr. Matthews looks so happie these days ….

Since Toaster doesn’t have to defend Bwana he’s been taking in the sights around the Twin Cities. Too bad the Minnesota State Fair is over; Toaster can’t even make a little spare change joining the Stuff on a Stick cuisine movement. He thinks Toast on a Stick has real potential.

Still, Minnesota is a fun place to be. Toaster brought his duck floatie and has been playing in some of the lakes:

Maybe he’ll try to splash in all 10,000 of them.

Toaster also wants to find Mary Richards:

Mary has spunk. Toaster loves spunk.


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I hate to break it to Toaster, but “Toast on a Stick” owes its genesis to Larry “Bud” Melman of Letterman fame:,,20061855,00.html

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