Bwana sent to the principal’s office
Monday 8 September 2008, 12:28 pm
Filed under: Things That Make Toaster Cry, Things That Make Toaster Mad

Gosh oh golly.

Toaster and the Tofu Guys finally made it home, Bwana and Uncle DP were reunited on FNIA, and now this:

MSNBC tried a bold experiment this year by putting two politically incendiary hosts, Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews, in the anchor chair to lead the cable news channel’s coverage of the election.

That experiment appears to be over. …

    — MSNBC Takes Incendiary Hosts From Anchor Seat

Boy! Some people just can’t take a little hot sauce with their news coverage!

Toaster is very disappointed.

Plus the Mets lost two out of three versus the Dreaded Phillies over the weekend.

Maybe Toaster will feel better after this evening’s tennis match between Roger Federer and Andy Murray ….


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I hope Toaster feels better.

Just wondering how Toaster felt about the new Mets stadium. Looks pretty to me:

Comment by Blue Velvet

This is sacrilege:

Will Nathan’s be affected?

Comment by Blue Velvet

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